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The sole purpose of this site is to help you make an informed decision concerning your financial freedom.  



If you are having financial difficulties and thinking of bankruptcy as a way out, please consider these facts first.
1. Bankruptcy does not wipe your credit slate clean and give you a “fresh start”

2. When you file bankruptcy, it stays on your credit report for up to 10 years.

3. You will have difficulty getting a loan for a car, a home, credit cards, education, personal needs, etc.  You will have trouble getting credit.  Creditors seldom extend credit to someone who has filed bankruptcy.  That’s true whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 with the intention of repaying some of your debts.

There are definitely alternatives to bankruptcy.

Here are some:

FIRST: go to for a free credit profile and score updated every 30 days.  It also has a credit simulator that will show what happens to your credit score under different circumstances, such as paying off debt, filing bankruptcy, etc.  

SECOND: Get your full Experian, Equifax and Trans Union credit reports FREE annually at 

THIRD facilitates setting up a snowball calculator to assist in paying down debt.  I think that it might be prudent to offer some suggestions to assist individuals in alternative means of paying debt along with the dissuasion of filing bankruptcy. 

We have supplied a Budget Sheet for you to begin with so you can list your income and expenses (Please see the BUDGET page).  To answer many of the questions you may have, visit this very informative website also:

FOURTH: Contact your creditors, explain to them you want to work out a payment plan with them rather than file bankruptcy. Remember they want to see you solve your financial problems just as much as you do.

ADDITIONAL INCOME may be necessary along with cutting expenses.  A temporary second job will enable additional payments toward some debt until it is paid down. lists job postings and enables the sale of items that may pay a bill.